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  • Great Casino Games at Britain’s Newest Online Casino! 

    If you’re looking to have the time of your life playing casino games, then you can be sure that Britain Play casino has you covered! Here at Britain Play, you can find a shedload of various games that are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. At the same time, the sheer variety of our game library means that we cater for all kinds of players, so there’s sure to be something for everyone! To demonstrate what we mean, we’ll be looking at the online casino options that you can find on our platform. 

    Online Slots

    The first kind of game that we’re going to look at is arguably our most popular option, and that’s online video slots. These are the digital version of the physical slot machines that you’d come across at a brick-and-mortar casinoOnline slots are as well-loved as they are thanks to a couple of reasons, including the fact that they are quite straightforward to play. 

    In fact, all you need to do to enjoy these games is simply press a single button—yep, that’s all there is to it! When loading up your chosen slot game, you should be able to notice the spin button. By clicking on that button, you’ll be spinning the reels, which effectively means that you’re playing the game. Then you win or lose depending on the outcome of the spin. 

    Another reason people love these games is because they often come with a number of in-game bonusesspecial features, and spectacular graphics. Moreover, game developers are constantly reinventing online slot machines in order provide innovative features or a completely new way of actually playing the game. Thus, players can always expect something new and fantastic from these games! 

    Jackpot Slots 

    If you love playing online slot machines but feel like that there’s something missing or you’d like to take your slot playing to another level, then maybe playing jackpot slots is the right option for you. Jackpot slots are just like your average online slot game with a big difference, and that’s the jackpot that the game has on offer. 

    A jackpot is a massive cash prize that's generally given out via a bonus feature of the game or a bonus minigame within the slot itself. There are a number of different jackpots but the one that players love the most is the progressive jackpot. This is a jackpot that continuously increases with players’ bets, and keeps on increasing until someone finally wins it! 

    Online Blackjack 

    Next up, we’ll be looking at one of the most classic games that can be found in any casino anywhere, and that’s none other than blackjack. There are a number of reasons why playing blackjack online is as popular as it is. The first reason would have to be the fact that blackjack is not a particularly difficult game and there aren’t all that many rules. 

    In fact, the aim of the game is to receive the all-important card combination of 21. This is known as a blackjack and if you manage to receive it with your first 2 cards, then you instantly win the game! However, if you don’t receive a 21 then you’ll need to continue playing the game. You’ll then be able to win if the value of your hand is better than that of the dealer’s. However, be warned as you instantly lose if your hand goes over 21! 

    During the course of the game, there a couple of actions that you can take. You can either hit and receive another card to add to your hand. Or else, you can choose to stay and keep the hand that you have. There are a few other actions that you can take but these are the most important.  

    Online Roulette 

    Since we’re on the topic of iconic casino games, we’d be careless if we didn’t also include roulettePlaying online roulette is popular for many reasons but the prime reason would definitely have to be the fact that you can play a wide variety of wagers on it. In fact, there are over a dozen bet types that you can make during a round of roulette! 

    This means that you can vary your bets with every spin of the roulette wheel, giving you a different betting experience every time! At the same time, you can play multiple different bets with every spin. These bets range from the number the ball will land on the wheel to the colour of the pocket it’ll land on to whether the number is even or odd.  

    Scratch Cards 

    Are you in a rush and don’t have the time to dedicate playing a couple of rounds of blackjack, roulette, or any of our other options? Or maybe you’re just looking for some quick fun playing instant-win games? Then maybe playing scratch cards is what you should be considering.  

    Scratch cards are instant-win games that promise fast gameplay and decent prizes. In fact, playing scratch cards won’t take you more than a handful of seconds for every round. This translates to a very quick gaming experience that you can even enjoy on the go thanks to our casino’s mobile compatibility!  


    Another kind of game that you might want to consider playing is another classic and that’s online bingo. Bingo takes the randomness of games like roulette and scratch cards but also requires that you create combinations, much like you have to do when playing slots. Bingo is a highly popular game in the UK and you’ll instantly realise why when playing just a single round! 

    In order to play bingo, you’ll need to match the drawn numbers with the numbers that are present on your card (some games will do this automatically for you). To win, you’ll need to at least match the numbers that were drawn in a line on your card. There are more winning combinations than that; however, the best one is if you manage to match all the numbers on your card! 

    Live Casino 

    If you love playing casino games like blackjack and roulette but find that the online versions feel too much like computer games then maybe you should consider playing live casino instead. Live casino is a different presentation of online table games in that you won’t be playing against software but against a live dealer that’s being streamed in real time! 

    Not only that, but the live dealer will also be using actual, physical equipment. Moreover, you’ll also be playing alongside other online players. This gives you the impression that you’re at an actual casino, which is perfect for players that prefer having a social environment when playing. Our 2 most popular live casino options are the following: 

    Live Blackjack 

    Much like we already explained, live blackjack allows you to play the classic game of blackjack against a real dealer and alongside actual players. We offer a number of live blackjack tables, which makes sure that you’ll always have a place to play.  

    Live Roulette 

    When playing live roulette, you’ll be enjoying the game in a friendly atmosphere that resembles that of a brick-and-mortar casino. As we’ve explained, this includes playing alongside fellow players and having a live dealer operating your chosen table. 

    Other Games to Enjoy 

    In order to close off this page, we’d like to also let you know that we offer a number of other games that we didn’t dedicate a section for. For example, we offer games such as baccarat and casino solitaire. All you have to do is look through our casino in order to discover the full range of games that we offer.