Play Online Scratch Cards in the UK's Newest Casino

If you’re looking for a bit of quick fun, then our selection of online scratch cards might be the right option for you. These are online version of the physical scratch cards that you might have bought from the store. However, for the benefit of those that have never played scratch offs before, these are instant-win games that require you to reveal symbols. 

That’s the basic premise of these games but rest assured that we’ll be explaining what you need to do in order to play them in more detail later on. But it’s good for players to know that these games offer extremely quick gameplay and instant fun, which is great for those players that are in a rush or prefer having their wins granted instantly. 

So, if you wish to play this kind of game but have no idea where to start, we suggest reading this page in order to learn the basics of playing scratch cards! At the same time, we’ll also be going over what different kinds of scratchers you can encounter when playing online casino games. That way, you’ll be as prepared as possible when playing at Britain Play! 

How Can You Play Online Scratch Cards at Britain Play? 

Playing scratch cards is actually quite straightforward. Depending on your chosen scratch card, you can get slightly different layouts of the game. For example, some games are divided into panels known as “tickets”, and you can choose how many of these are in play at any time. Bear in mind that the more there are tickets in play, the more you have to stake when playing. 

Other games will present you with a card that very much resembles the physical scratch offs you can purchase from the store. With these games, you’ll be required to either “buy” a number of cards or adjust your bet. Either way, once you’ve decided on how many tickets are active, how many cards you want, or how much you want to stake, you can play the game by simply pressing “PLAY”. 

This randomly generates numbers or symbols that are hidden underneath the panels or cards. Your objective is to reveal these hidden numbers or symbols through either of 2 ways: 

  1. You can manually reveal each number or symbol by clicking on the panels yourself or “scratching” away at the card;
  2. Otherwise, you can click on the button which automatically reveals all the numbers or symbols for you. 

However you decide to remove the panels, you win if you get matching numbers or symbols! And that’s essentially all there is to playing online scratchers at Britain Play! Now all that’s left is to look at the different sorts of scratch cards you might encounter. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Scratch Cards That You Can Play? 

As with nearly every casino game out there, there are multiple forms of internet scratch cards that you can play. The types of scratchers that you can encounter on the internet are the following: 

  • Online Scratch Cards 
  • Download Scratch Cards 
  • Jackpot Scratch Cards 

Of course, there are differences between these kinds of scratch offs. We’ll be looking at how these different forms differ from one another in the following sections. 

Online Scratch Cards 

This kind of scratch card forms the majority of games that you can find in our scratchers selection. Online scratch cards are the digital version of physical cards. Despite their similarities, there are a couple of differences, including faster gameplay and the fact that you’ll instantly receive your prize with the online version of the game. 

Download Scratch Cards 

This is another form of online scratchers with the difference that this form of the game requires you to download its software before playing it. However, once you’ve downloaded the game, you’ll find that they are played exactly your average online scratch card games. 

Jackpot Scratch Cards 

The final form of scratch offs that we’ll be looking at combines the instant gameplay of online scratch cards with the massive payouts of jackpot games. Thus, these are online scratch offs that also offer a jackpot on top of their regular prizes. These jackpots can also be progressive jackpots, which are jackpots that increase indefinitely with players’ bets.