Online Bingo Games for Players in the UK

If playing traditional casino games online isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then maybe you should consider playing online bingo instead! Here at Britain Play, players are treated to a variety of games to suit every kind of player’s tastes. In fact, bingo fans can find a range of online bingo halls that they can enjoy here at Britain Play! 

Moreover, bingo is a classic game in the UK and it would have been careless of us to deprive our British players from the chance of playing this beloved game! However, if you’re new to bingo, then we’ll also be doing you the favour of explaining everything there is to know about this game and how it’s played. 

At the same time, we’ll also be going over the various kinds of bingo that you’ll encounter and what the differences between each type are. So, if you’d like to begin playing online bingo here at Britain Play, we highly suggest reading this page! 

How Do You Play Online Bingo at Britain Play?

The first thing that you’re going to have to do in order to play any of our bingo games is to create an account with us. Once you’ve signed up and became a Britain Play member, all of our online bingo halls are available for you to play! Then it’s merely a matter of choosing whichever bingo game suits your tastes best. However, to help you choose which bingo game is best for you, we’ll be going over the different kinds of bingo games available in the next section. 

The aim of the game of bingo is simple: all you need to do is match numbers. To do so, you’ll be given a card or a number of cards, depending on how many you choose to play with. Once you’ve chosen how many cards to play with, numbered balls will start being produced. If the number on the ball matches a number on your card, you’ll need to mark it (some games will do this for you automatically). 

This goes on until no more balls are taken out. In order to win at bingo, you’ll need to have marked at least a line of numbers on your card. If you manage to mark more than one line, you receive a bigger prize. Finally, you’ll receive the biggest prize if you manage to mark all of the numbers on your card! 

Does Britain Play Offer Different Sorts of Bingo Games?

Indeed, you can rest assured that we offer a number of bingo variants on our platform! In fact, the different varieties of bingo that you can find at Britain Play are the following: 

  • 30 Ball Bingo 
  • 75 Ball Bingo 
  • 80 Ball Bingo 
  • 90 Ball Bingo 

There are a handful of differences between these different sorts of bingo, which we’ll be going over in the coming sections. However, it’s good to keep in mind that despite these differences, the way these games are played is essentially the same. 

30 Ball Bingo

This is the fastest sort of bingo that you can enjoy on our platform, which is perfect if you’re in a rush! In this bingo variant, only 30 balls are taken out and players will play with cards with a 3x3 layout. Thus, every card will only have 9 numbers to match. 

75 Ball Bingo

This is the typical American style of bingo which uses cards with a 5x5 layout, which means that there a total of 25 numbers on each card—or 24 numbers if you exclude the “free space” in the middle of the cards. This free space automatically counts towards any wins you’ll receive in this variant. Finally, this game makes use of up to 75 balls during a round of play. 

80 Ball Bingo

Another form of bingo that you can find is 80 ball bingo which, obviously, makes use of up to 80 balls during play. The cards that this form of bingo uses have a 4x4 layout, meaning that players have 16 numbers that they can mark during a round. 

90 Ball Bingo

Finally, this last form of bingo is the one that’s most popular in the UK. As you can assume from the name, you can choose to have up to 90 balls active during a game. The cards for this kind of bingo have 15 numbers which are divided into 5 columns and 3 rows.