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As part of our range of online casino games, we also offer a number of live casino games. These games offer you a different way of playing traditional casino games online. These would include games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and so on.

For anyone that’s new to the concept of live casino, we’ll be explaining everything there is for you to know in the coming sections.

Moreover, we’ll also be going over what live casino games you can find on our site as well as why you should consider playing them and why you should give playing at Britain Play a go.

What Is Live Casino?

Live casino is a form of online casino gaming where instead of playing on a piece of software, you’ll be playing with a live dealer and alongside real players. The game works by having an actual dealer being broadcast live. The dealer will then operate the game as he would in real life.

Why Play Live Casino Games?

Playing live casino games gives you a different experience to playing regular online casino games like video slots, online blackjack, and online rouletteThis gives you the experience of being in an “actual casino” rather than simply playing from home.

At the same time, playing with other people and an actual dealer whom you can interact with gives a social element to these kinds of games. So, socialites and people that enjoy playing games with others will most likely prefer live casino games over online casino ones.

Finally, these kinds of games tend to come in a number of variants. So, if you’re ever bored of playing one kind of live casino game, you can also switch to a variant with slightly different rules! That way, you can be sure that your live casino gaming will never go stale.

Live Casino Online Games Available at Britain Play

We offer a number of live casino games on our site, as you can see. The games that we offer are live roulette and live blackjack. In the next couple of sections, we’ll be giving you a basic overview of these games and their rules.

Play Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games around so it’s only natural that it would be developed into a live casino version. The objective of the game is to predict where the ball will land on the roulette wheel. For this to happen, the live dealer spins the roulette wheel and places a ball in it as it spins.

Depending on the roulette variant you decide to play, the roulette wheel is divided into either 37 or 38 numbered “pockets”—the name for the “holes” of the roulette wheel—in which the ball will land. What you need to do is try and guess in which pocket the ball will land using the bets on the roulette table. However, you have the option to place more bets than that.

In fact, you can bet on the colour of the pocket where the ball will land or whether the number the ball will land on is odd or even. However, there are few more bets that you can place. If you look at the roulette table, you will find that there are a wide variety of bets that you have the option to place.

Play Live Blackjack

Blackjack is another iconic casino game that’s highly popular amongst players at an online casino. The aim of the game is to get a hand that has a value that is as close to 21 as possible. At the same time, the value of the hand must be higher than the value of the dealer’s hand for you to win the game. 

If the dealer has a better hand than you do then you lose. On the other hand, you also lose if your hand exceeds 21 in value; this is known as “going bust”. The game of blackjack is played after the dealer first deals 2 faceup cards to each participating player and 2 cards to himself, one faceup, one facedown.

If you receive a hand with a value of 21 on the first deal, then you have received a blackjack, which is an instant win! A blackjack is the combination of an ace and another card with the value of 10 (jacks, queens, or kings). If the dealer has received a blackjack, however, then any player who hasn’t also received a blackjack loses. If the player and deal both receive a blackjack then this is a tie and the player’s stake is refunded.

However, if neither you nor the dealer manage to receive a blackjack, the game continues as normal. So, once the cards have been dealt, players have the to “hit” (receive another card), “stand” (keep their cards), or “double down” (receive another card and double their bet). If players receive a pair they can also choose to split their cards and play with 2 hands.

Once players take their actions, the dealer then gets to play. He will first reveal his facedown card. If his hand has a value of 16 or less, then he has to hit. If his hand has a value of 17 or more, then he has to stand. After the dealer finishes playing, the hands of the players and the dealer are compared. Whichever player has a hand that’s better than the dealer’s wins!

Live Dealers at Britain Play

We procure our games from the renowned game supplier Pragmatic Play. The dealers that Pragmatic Play employ are professional and fully trained croupiers. Moreover, they are friendly and they will usually try to encourage players to interact in the game and create a livelier environment. So, you can rest assured that your experience playing live casino at Britain Play will be nothing less than excellent.

Why Play at Britain Play Live Casino UK?

If you’re wondering why you should play live casino at Britain Play rather than any other casino, it would serve you well to know that we offer a fantastic welcome bonus that can award you with 500 free spins on Starburst! We also offer a number of other promotions, such as our Scratch for Cash promotion, where players are rewarded for playing scratch cards!

Other than our wide range of promotions, we also offer a variety of online casino games that you can play other than live casino. These include jackpot slots and online bingo. Moreover, we are also licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (licence no. 039175-R-319452-022). Finally, our site is fully secure via our security certificate, which means that you’re totally safe playing at Britain Play.

New players only, £10 min fund, £8 max win per 10 spins, max bonus conversion equal to lifetime deposits (up to £250) to real funds, 65x wagering requirements and full T&Cs apply here