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Roulette Strategy

The Best Roulette Strategies

Players interested in online roulette are always looking for a winning strategy for roulette and trying to find the best one to beat the game. There are several popular ones you can try out, such as the Martingale System and Fibonacci Sequence, which we’ll explain in detail in this roulette strategy 2023 guide.

That said, it’s necessary to remember that none of the roulette techniques described in this guide can be used as a winning strategy for roulette because, ultimately, it’s a game of luck. Nevertheless, there are multiple interesting gameplay methods you can try out the next time you’re playing roulette at an online casino UK.

What are the Best Roulette Strategies?

In the following sections, we’ll look at some of the best and most common tactics for online roulette, so you can find the right one depending on your experience level, bankroll, and style of play as well.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is definitely the one that most players know about or have at least heard of. In short, this is a progressive betting system that requires you to double your bet on every losing round.

The idea of this roulette strategy is that once you win, you return to the starting bet amount, as shown in the table below.

Bet Number Stake Result Profit
1 £1 Lose -£1
2 £2 Lose -£2
3 £4 Lose -£4
4 £8 Win +£8
5 £1 Lose -£1

This Martingale strategy roulette system is designed to be used on even money bets, and the theory is that if you keep doubling your stake on every loss, you’ll recover them when you get a win and potentially making a profit too.

Like any roulette betting strategy, the Martingale system isn’t guaranteed to work 100% of the time, and there are several cons to consider too. Because you’ll need to double your bet on every loss, you could use up your entire bankroll on a losing streak before hitting a win. You might also reach the table limits quickly, so you won’t be able to keep using the strategy.

Nevertheless, it’s considered one of the best strategy for roulette and even other casino games like online slots. We don’t recommend this for total beginners because although it’s very easy to understand and implement, it’s also very risky and requires a rather hefty bankroll.

D’Alembert Strategy

Like the previous casino roulette strategy, the D’Alembert Strategy is designed with even money bets in mind. These are any bets that pay 1:1, such as betting on red or black and even or odd numbers.

To use this roulette strategy, choose a fixed stake that will act as your bet unit. Let’s take £1 as an example to keep it simple. The D’Alembert strategy requires increasing your bet by one bet unit on a loss and decreasing your bet by one unit when you win. The table below illustrates what you should do to follow this online roulette strategy:

Bet Number Stake Result Profit
1 £1 Lose -£1
2 £2 Lose -£3
3 £3 Lose -£4
4 £4 Win -£2
5 £3 Lose +£1

The D’Alembert system is the roulette strategy chart that works best for total beginners and players who don’t want to risk high stakes. Unlike the Martingale strategy, bets are increased by only one unit rather than doubled in this roulette strategy.


Moving on to the Fibonacci roulette numbers strategy, this is a much more complex gameplay that’s also significantly riskier than Martingale and D’Alembert. As the name implies, the Fibonacci strategy roulette system is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers where every number is the sum of the two preceding it, as shown below:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc

To follow this roulette wheel strategy, the size of your stake should follow the sequence of the numbers above every time you lose. This means that on any losing bet, you go back two places on the sequence and adjust your bet accordingly. If you haven’t made it two places ahead when you get a loss, you go back to the starting bet.

This is one of the most complex betting systems for online or live roulette, so we’ve illustrated a simple example in the table below.

Bet Number Stake Result Profit
1 £1 Lose -£1
2 £2 Lose -£3
3 £3 Lose -£6
4 £5 Lose -£11
5 £8 Win +£5

Paroli System

Another roulette strategy to win the game used by many roulette players is the Paroli system. This betting strategy can be described as the opposite of the Martingale strategy. Instead of doubling your stake on a losing spin, you bet the same amount. If you win, you double your stake for the next spin, as shown in the table below:

Bet Number Stake Result Profit
1 £1 Lose -£1
2 £1 Lose -£2
3 £1 Win +£1
4 £2 Win +£4
5 £4 Lose +£8

The Paroli system is the best roulette strategy for beginners because your bet is only increased when you win, making it less risky than the betting strategies we’ve described so far. If you’re playing roulette with a strategy as a first-timer, the Paroli strategy will suit you.


The Andrucci system isn’t the most well-known strategy and not the most successful roulette strategy because it’s based on a misunderstanding of how the roulette wheel works. Before we explain why this strategy doesn’t make much sense, let’s go over how it works for those who might be interested in learning how it works.

First, even money bets should be placed randomly for 30 to 37 times. The purpose of these bets is to observe which numbers come up the most. Once you identify the top numbers that come up, you’ll need to switch to making straight up bets on these numbers for a minimum of 25 rounds or until you win. This strategy doesn’t indicate what the size of your bet should be, so many keep the size of their stake the same until hitting a win. The table below illustrates an example of this system:

Bet Stake Result Profit
1 £1 Lose -£1
2 £1 Lose -£2
3 £1 Lose -£3
4 £1 Lose -£4
5 £1 Win +£25

This betting strategy is based on ‘hot’ or ‘favourite’ numbers, but every spin in the game is random, so there’s no such thing as a ‘lucky’ or ‘hot’ number, which means the strategy doesn’t make sense.

Although there is no roulette strategy to win every time, the Andrucci strategy is the system we recommend the least for players. It will quickly deplete your bankroll, and it’s extremely risky since it requires you to place multiple bets with the lowest winning odds in the game.


The most challenging and complex roulette strategy in our list so far is the Labouchere strategy, ideal for players who are good at using numbers and making quick calculations. It’s not recommended for beginners because, besides being rather complicated, it also requires a high bankroll. It’s not as risky as the Andrucci system, but it’s still quite difficult and rather confusing to follow until you get the hang of it.

The Labouchere strategy is unlike any roulette winning strategy types described so far because it doesn’t involve doubling or increasing your stake by any units or following a specific sequence of numbers either.

Instead, to use this system, you first need to have a winning goal in mind, keeping it realistic to avoid the chances of having to increase your stake to huge amounts. For example, let’s say you want to win £10. This number then needs to be split into smaller numbers that make up 10 when added together.

These numbers will make up your betting sequence, but instead of following it in order, you start by combining the first and last numbers to make your first bet. If the bet loses, add the bet number to the end of the sequence and repeat the same process to create your next bet. If you win, cross off those numbers and choose the first and last numbers again to get your bet size.

What’s risky about this roulette strategy is that you’ll need to repeat the steps until you cross off all the numbers on the sequence and reach your goal too, which might not always be an easy task.

If you’re struggling to understand this strategy, the table below might explain it better. Remember, this strategy is meant to be used on even money bets only.

Sequence (£10 Win Goal) Stake Result Profit
1, 2, 4, 1, 2 £3 Lose -£3
1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 3 £4 Lose -£7
1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4 £5 Win -£2
2, 4, 1, 2, 3 £5 Lose -£7
2, 4, 1, 2, 3, 5 £7 Win +£0

Types of Roulette Strategies

Most roulette strategies are either progressive betting or non-progressive ones. Nearly all the roulette strategies described so far can be classified as either one and can be used for live casino roulette or online roulette games.


A progressive roulette strategy works by increasing your bet on every game round, sometimes when you win and sometimes when you lose. These strategies often have a specific pattern determining how your stake should be increased.

Many players prefer a progressive strategy because they’re thought to minimise losses and result in a profit in the long run, but this isn’t always the case. More importantly, progressive systems like the Martingale or the D’Alembert systems require a high bankroll to keep up with.


A non-progressive betting strategy is one where the size of your stake remains the same regardless of the outcome. Some examples of these include the James Bond system and the All-In strategy, both of which are very risky and only used by players with a very large bankroll that they’re willing to risk, which is something we certainly don’t recommend.

Choosing the Right Roulette Game

Most table games like roulette have evolved into multiple variants with different rules and even different bets to choose from in some cases. You can play three main types of roulette at an online casino like Britain Play, which we’ve explained briefly in the following sections.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most common roulette variant and wheel used by most variants. Many experienced roulette players will also agree that it’s the best roulette variant because it has the lowest house edge.

The European roulette wheel has 37 pockets, numbered from 0 to 36. The house edge is around 2.70%, significantly lower than the house edge of American roulette, which we’ll look at next. Additionally, there aren’t many table games with a lower house edge than European roulette, except online blackjack. Any strategies described in this guide can be used in this type of roulette game, including the roulette dozens strategy.

American Roulette

American roulette is also a popular variant, but it’s not usually recommended, especially if European roulette is available. This is because this roulette variant has an additional pocket with a double zero, which increases the house edge to 5.26%, giving the house a bigger advantage.

Other than the difference in the number of pockets and house edge, American roulette works just like the European version, and you can try out any of the strategies you’ve learnt about in this guide too.

French Roulette

French roulette is a popular roulette variant that uses the European roulette wheel, and it’s considered to be even better than the European version because of the additional bets available in this game.

Some side bets which give you a second chance of winning on a losing bet can be found in this variant. These are essentially insurance bets that you won’t find in other variants and give you a slight advantage in the game. The house edge is even lower at 1.35%, which is why many players favour this variant. You can also try out several roulette strategies, but most don’t apply to the special bets.

Live Dealer Roulette

Finally, one of the most entertaining ways you can play a game of roulette is at a live casino. Unlike online roulette, live dealer roulette happens in real-time, and there’s also a real dealer spinning the ball and announcing winning bets. Live roulette is the most realistic way to enjoy this game and is more fast-paced too.

Live roulette comes in many variants, including European, American, French and other variants with specific rules, which may make using a betting strategy tricky. If you check the rules of the live roulette table carefully, you can find a suitable roulette strategy. As for the house edge, this depends on the wheel used in the game. For example, live Lightning Roulette has a house edge of 2.90%.

What Affects Roulette Strategies?

Several factors should be taken into consideration before choosing a strategy, such as:

  • Betting Limits - Every table has betting limits that should be taken into account. With a progressive system like the Martingale system, you might reach the table limit when increasing your bet before you can even hit a win. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to continue using the strategy accurately.
  • Bet Choice - Every roulette strategy is designed with a specific bet type in mind, so make sure that the strategy you choose works with the type of bet you want to place. For example, most of these strategies work with even money bets only.
  • Type of Game – The roulette game you choose will affect the strategy you can use because not all of them work for every game variant. We suggest playing on a single zero wheel like European and French roulette because they also have a lower house edge.

Roulette Strategy FAQs

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What is the Most Successful Roulette Strategy?

None of the strategies described in this guide can be termed the most successful roulette strategy because roulette is a random game. However, we can tell you that betting systems like the Andrucci system are the least effective because they’re extremely risky and based on a gambler’s fallacy.

In short, European roulette is a variant of the game that comes with 37 numbers in play. It was the ‘original’ roulette game that was designed in the 1800s. It is distinguished by the use of a single green zero on the wheel and table.

What is the Best Bet On Roulette?

The best bet in terms of winning odds is any even money bet, such as betting on odd or even, low numbers, or high numbers. These have lower payouts than other bets but much higher chances of winning.

What is the Least Risky Roulette Strategy?

The least risky roulette strategy is probably the Paroli System because your stake remains the same until you win. Then, it’s only doubled for three winning spins in a row before returning to the starting stake.

Is There a Guaranteed Way to Win on Roulette?

No, there is no guaranteed way to win roulette because the result of the roulette wheel is always entirely random. Every spin is independent, making it impossible to guess which number and colour will come up next.

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