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Roulette Payouts

Roulette Payouts: Full Guide

Online roulette is a chance-based game with many bet types available, so it’s important to understand the roulette odds and payouts for each bet type. If you’re interested in playing roulette properly, you’ll want to know how to calculate casino roulette payouts based on the roulette odds to choose your bets carefully.

This doesn’t mean you can increase your odds of winning in this casino game, but rather than placing random bets, we advise you to take some time to learn about the roulette table payouts, and roulette odds. This will help you to choose the right bets if you’re interested in playing the game at Britain Play Online Casino UK and have the chance to win money playing roulette.

This guide will go over all the online roulette payouts and the roulette odds of winning each one. Since payouts in roulette are usually represented as a ratio, we’ll also explain how to calculate the actual amount you can win for each bet. Finally, we’ll also get into all the details of each bet possible, including the difference between inside and outside bets which you can find in the roulette payouts table.

What are Roulette Payouts?

Because there are more than 10 standard bets available in the game, there are also different roulette payouts you can win the game. The size of the payout you can win in any online roulette game depends on which bet you placed, which is why every game comes with a roulette bets payouts table that you can refer to.

Looking at the roulette payouts table can help you decide what bet to place based on the payout, but you should also consider the odds of winning each of those payouts. Always remember that, like any other game, higher casino payouts provide a lower chance of winning, while the opposite applies to lower payouts.

How Do Roulette Payouts Work?

Roulette payouts are the same for the most part, especially if you're playing on a European Roulette wheel. The odds for American Roulette are different, so for the purpose of this guide, we'll look at the odds of European Roulette. These payouts indicate the amount you would win if you get a winning bet, and it’s different for nearly every bet.

To understand how payouts work, you must first know the basic steps of any roulette game. Below is a quick summary of a roulette game for those who might be roulette beginners.

  • Bets are placed before the game begins. You can place one or multiple bets on the roulette table.
  • In a live casino roulette game, the dealer spins the ball in the roulette wheel and waits for it to fall into one of the pockets.
  • If you had correctly guessed where the ball would fall, you win a payout according to the bet you placed.

An important fact to understand about payouts is that you don’t necessarily need to guess the exact number the ball will fall in to win, but it depends on the bet you place. You can guess the number, for example, or if the number will be odd or even. You can also bet on multiple numbers, and if the winning number is one of them, you still get a payout.

If you’re playing live roulette, the dealer will announce the winning number and colour, and any winnings bets will be paid out before the next spin. If you win, the money will instantly be added to your casino balance.

Roulette Payouts Table

If you’re wondering, ‘What are roulette payouts?’, you’ll simply need to refer to a European roulette payouts chart which will show you all the possible bets in the game and the payout you would win for each one if it’s a successful bet.

Below is an example of a roulette table payouts chart you can refer to before you start playing roulette or during the game if you need a reminder of the bets and their payouts.

Bet Type Definition Payout
Straight Up Bet A bet on any specific number, including the 0 or 00 pockets. 35:1
Split Bet A bet on two adjacent numbers. 17:1
Street Bet A bet on three adjacent numbers in a row. 11:1
Trio Bet Also a three-number bet, but the numbers must be connected to the 0 or the 00 in American Roulette. 11:1
Corner Bet A bet on four numbers connected in the shape of a square, which can also be referred to as a Square bet. 8:1
5-Number or Basket Bet A bet that covers the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 pockets in American Roulette, also referred to as a Top Line bet sometimes. 6:1
Line Bet A bet on two rows of three adjacent numbers each, covering a total of six numbers. 5:1
Columns Bet Betting on one of the three columns on the roulette table, each of which has 12 numbers. 2:1
Dozens Bet Betting on the '1st 12', '2nd 12', or the '3rd 12' on the roulette layout. 2:1
Low/High Numbers Bet Low numbers range from 0 (or 00) to 18, while the high numbers range from 19 to 36. You can bet on all the low numbers or all the high ones. 1:1
Even or Odd Numbers Bet Similar to the bet above, this is a bet on all the even numbers or all the odds ones. 1:1
Red or Black Numbers Bet A bet on all the red numbers or the black numbers on the roulette board. 1:1

How to Calculate Roulette Payouts

As mentioned in the introduction to this guide, roulette table payouts are expressed as a ratio of X:1, which may be confusing for players who are new to roulette or used to payouts in multiplier form. These payouts indicate the exact amount you can win in real money if you get a successful bet based on the size of your stake.

Suppose you want to know the exact size of your payout according to the size of the stake you place from your casino deposits. In that case, you can easily calculate it using a very simple roulette odds formula, keeping in mind that you win ‘x’ amount for every pound you bet. Let’s take a few examples to illustrate this.

Let’s say you win a straight up bet on the number five with a stake of £10. The payout for this bet is 35:1, which means that for every £1, you win £35, plus your bet back. If you bet £10, your payout would be 35x10, which is £350. If you bet £10 on an even money bet like red/black, which pays 1:1, the payout will be equal to your stake, which, in this case, is £10. Based on your stake, you can use this roulette payouts calculator to calculate how much you would win for any bet.

Roulette Bets and Payouts

What are roulette bets and payouts? These are usually displayed in a paytable similar to an online slot game, so you can check the payout you can win before you choose your bet. It should be noted that the payouts are mostly standard, but since there are many variants of the game, payouts can vary. For example, the Lightning Roulette payouts differ from the standard roulette rules payouts, so you must always check the paytable before starting a game.

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Outside Bets

Roulette bet types can be categorised as outside or inside bets, named this way because of their position on the table layout. All the bet types possible in roulette have been described above, but we’ll now look at how to place your chips for each bet and the roulette odds for each.

An outside bet is any bet that’s located on the outer edge of the roulette table. Most outside bets are even money bets, which means they pay the equivalent of your bet size if you win. Compared to inside bets, outside bets are broader types of bets that cover a group of numbers or a category, such as all the red numbers (or pockets), for example.

In terms of payouts and roulette odds, outside bets offer higher winning odds compared to inside bets, but lower payouts, as you can see in the list below. Please remember that the odds listed are based on the European Roulette version. American roulette payouts and odds are slightly different.

  • Column – A bet on one of the three lines with 12 numbers each, marked by a ‘2 to 1’ at the end. Place your chips on any of these sections to indicate which column you want to bet on. The odds of winning are 32.40%.
  • Low/High – Place your chips on the ‘1-18’ square to bet on the low numbers or the ’19-36’ section to indicate you want to bet on the high numbers. The roulette payout odds for both are 48.6%.
  • Red/Black – Place your chips on the red or the black diamond to indicate which colour you want to bet on for the round. These bets have the same winning odds of 48.6%.
  • Odd/Even – Like the bet above, you can place your chips on the square marked ‘EVEN’ or ‘ODD’, depending on which set of numbers you want to bet on. As an even money bet, the roulette odds are also 48.6%.
  • Dozen – There are three dozen bets on the roulette table, labelled ‘1st 12’, ‘2nd 12’, and ‘3rd 13’ accordingly. You can place your chips on either of these sections to bet on a dozens group. Like the columns bet, the dozens bet has roulette odds of 32.4%.
  • Tip – A tip bet isn’t a bet like the others because it’s a way of tipping the dealer by placing a bet for the dealer. If it wins, the dealer keeps the payout as a tip. This can only be done in a land-based casino, so you don’t need to consider it when playing online or live roulette.

Inside Bets

Inside bets refer to a specific number or set of numbers on the inner part of the roulette table. Unlike the outside bets, these bets offer a lower chance of getting a payout, but naturally, the payouts are higher.

In short, you need to remember that outside bets mean lower payouts but higher odds, and inside bets mean higher payouts but lower odds. With this definition in mind, you can choose the risk level you’re willing to take in your game. Below, we’ve listed the odds for all inside bets and the correct chip placement for European Roulette wheel.

  • Straight-Up - Betting on one number on the roulette wheel by placing your chips directly on it. The odds of winning a single number bet are 2.7%.
  • Split - A split bet is a bet split between two adjacent numbers. Chips must be placed on the line between the two numbers to indicate the bet. A split bet is twice as likely to win as a straight up bet, with roulette odds of 5.4%.
  • Street - This bet covers any row of three rows, meaning that chips must be placed at the edge of the row you want to bet on. A street bet has payout odds of 8.1%.
  • Corner - A corner bet is a four-number bet made by placing chips on the point where all four numbers meet at the corner. The odds in roulette for this bet are 10.8%.
  • Top Line - Chips must be placed on the corner where the zero and the one meet or at the point where the zero and the three meet. The payout odds for this bet are lower at 7.9%. This bet isn't usually available in European Roulette.
  • Line - The line bet is a six-number bet which can be placed by putting your chips on the point where the two rows of numbers meet. This bet offers roulette odds of 16.2%.

Special Bets

The inside bets and outside bets described in the previous sections are the standard bets, but even more bet types exist in this game. These are known as special bets, or called bets and are usually available in French or European Roulette. Special bets, or bets, are called so because, in a land-based casino, players typically make these bets by calling them rather than placing the chips on the table themselves.

Below, we’ve briefly explained the main types of special bets you can find in French Roulette and some variations of European roulette. American Roulette games don't usually offer these types of bets.

  • Final (Finales) - This is an advanced bet placed on every number ending with a specific number on the roulette wheel. There are two types of final bets, and the odds vary depending on the bet. An example of this bet is betting on every number ending in 5, like 15, 25, etc.
  • Neighbours of Zero (Voisins du Zero) - A bet on all the numbers on the roulette wheel between 22 and 25. It’s also a rather complex bet that requires you to place nine chips spread on corners, trios, and splits.
  • Thirds of the Wheel (Le Tiers du Cylinder) - A bet on all the numbers opposite the zero, ranging from 27 to 33.
  • Zero Game (Jue Zero) - A bet on the six numbers on either side of the zero and including the zero pocket too.
  • Orphans (Orphelins) - The orphans bet included all the numbers which aren’t covered by the other bets, which is why they’re referred to as the orphans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roulette Payouts

What are the payouts on a roulette table?

The payouts on the European roulette table indicate how much each bet type pays if it’s a winning bet. For example, a single number bet has a payout of 35:1, which means you win £35 for every £1 bet.

What is the safest bet in roulette?

The safest bets in roulette are the even money bets which cover a large group of numbers on the roulette wheel, increasing the chances of winning. A good example is betting on red/black or odd/even.

What is a 4-number bet on roulette?

A four-number bet is also called a square bet or corner bet, and it covers four bets that are adjacent in the shape of a square, hence the names.

What are the odds of hitting 00 on roulette?

The roulette odds of hitting the double zero pocket in the American Roulette casino game are the same as the payout odds of hitting any specific number since there’s only one instance of this number. This means the odds are 1 in 38, which gives a percentage of around 2.63%. Remember, European Roulette doesn't have a double zero pocket.

What is the smartest bet in roulette?

For most, the smartest bet means the safest bet, which is why even money bets are often considered the smartest bets. These bets don’t pay as high as more specific bets like a straight up or split bet, but the risk of losing is lower.

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